Italy Tue, May 2, 2006 - 7:49 AM

4:38 AM

Had a great time in Italy, really beautiful country with such great people that live there! Our first stop was a small town called Como, north of Millan on this beautiful lake. Its a beautiful lake surrounded by the run up mountains to the swiss alps, with gorgeous Villas surrounding the entire lake. I guess this is where all the rich and famous vacation, because there are alot of famous Italian folk around here. Got to see the Geaorge Clooney's double villa lot he is renowing on the lake as well. For this part of the trip, my husband was working at a conference, so i had a great time exploring by myself. You take water taxi's wherever you go, its a big lake, so I was on a boat alot. Managed to get myself up to the very north part of the lake, took 2 hours on the ferry, and had a visit in the village of Bellagio. Bellagio is the inspiration for the Las Vegas hotel version, and I can easily see the similarities. The people who constructed the big hotel in Las Vegas really did their homework, but the village is much more beautiful. (and real!)

After a couple of days in Como, we hopped the train and headed for Venice. 4 hour train ride...but worth every second! Venice is very touristy place, so I am glad to have been there in the shoulder season. But despite the tourists Venice holds its charm, with canals, gondolas, cafes, historics sites, operas, shopping,and beautiful churches. My feet are still broken from the non stop walking, I loved it! venice was the place where I celebrated my 30th birthday, and was treated to an opera and dinner.....very spoiled indeed! Venice is very much unlike anywhere I have been, and we enjoyed it so much!!! Unfortunatly our stay was for only 2 days, but I would like to go back someday! And yes the place is night when it was high tide.....St. Marks square was under water from the tide coming up from the storm drains......about 2-3 inches in places. Its a dangerous place.....spents loads of money there buying the famous Murano glass of Venice for our loved ones!

Off to Millan for our last day in Italy.....we got there kinda late, so did not get a chance to check out the famed shopping scene of Millan. My husband was thankful!! But had a great dinner and strolled the streets checking out the sites, and to my husbands dismay some window shopping....more like window drooling......Fendi bags are beautiful to look at!

So a great trip alltogether...the only downside we had, was my hubby lost his wallet. But I did have enough sense to bring my cards as well to Italy.....silly husband....we have found his wallet, he dropped it at the conference. So a great trip, and it was nice to spend some quiet time with my husband without kiddies........but it sure was great to see our kids again!

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