On Vacation...well sort of. Wed, August 2, 2006 - 10:33 AM

4:59 AM

So.......as of tomorrow I will be on vactaion....busy month for me!!

First I will be at Tribal quest....then off to San Fransico to do a weeklong with Suhaila at the mother ship.....will be back around August 17th.

I will then head out with the family to Long Beach Vancouver, Island for 10 days then to Hornby island, hopefully will get a chance to see Sammy Sam....

then home around Sept 2....big Block BBQ...then off to Canmore, Alberta on Sept 11 to visit with my good friend there....

I must be crazy...cause I'm driving the whole way...whew.

Classes start the third week of September!!

Hope you all have a great summer!!

Take care!!

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