The Week my husband went away.............. Fri, September 9, 2005 - 9:17 PM

4:13 AM

My husband is in Finland with work....which means I am solo flying for the week. Its tough glide though when you have two kiddies. I truly appreciate all the single moms out there!!! I really do not know how on earth you keep your sanity......obviously, my husband is my partner in crime. he is awesome with the taking over the fort thing so I can rush out and teach all my dance classes. Really, I could not do all of this without him......

weird week in my books....I guess, more just a weird moment that I have been living most of the week. On tuesday, going out to run errands, I was driving and came across this cat that had just been hit by a car. Pretty gruesome, and was still moving....stopped the car and got out. The poor thing was done by the time I got to it.... the guy who hit the cat came back....he was very upset. So what to do with this cat....i managed to get some plastic bags out of the car and scooped it off the road. Now what. A couple of us decided one of us should drop the cat off at the nearest vet, the poor thing did not have any tags, maybe it would have a tattoo??? I wasn't paying much attention and needed that part of the conversation repeated over a couple of times, I was still holding a warm creature in a plastic bag for god's sakes!!! So that is what I did, the now owner of one dead cat now had the responsibility to bring the dead cat to a vet. Which I did, with only one problem. My children where in the car, and witness the whole thing. Needless to say I was very upset.....and speechless. It is a tough thing indeed to face the questions of a three year old. What to tell took me a while to answer the questions.....I still had to surprise an unsuspecting vet clerk with a dead cat. Really, I wish people would properly place identification with their pets. This was someones pet, it was a lovely Siamese cat, well taken care of. No tattoos nothing, no one to claim this animal. except me the person who dropped off the poor thing in the first place.......The truth, is what I told my son....what breaks my heart to have to start teaching him the realities of the world. I feel I am stripping him of his innocence. That kills me. I feel he has had to learn what death is to early. (my dog died in april) It has made me cry every night....but the truth is what I need to tell him. I have had the TV off this week. I need a break from the truth.......I really am looking forward to my husband coming home. My kids need there dad right now too, I need him as well. You really do not know how lucky you are in the world.....its just been a tough week.

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