go vote!!!

9:47 AM


Fri, September 19, 2008 - 12:12 AM
ok so this seems silly...but its not.

in Canada we do have our very own federal election happening In October...but I'm not really sure Candians know to much about it...most Canadians watch the news closely to see what happening south of the border...

the economy is taking a huge thrashing...and Our neighbours seem to be going threw a dog race of an election...and whether we like it or not.what happens there....effects us here.

how can our Canadian politicians can compete really....the drama of the whats happening south of the border is HUGE...and impacting the global community.

regardless of all of that...

I do have some American friends who live here in Canada....looks like its neck n' neck, and I'm thinking absentee votes might become really important...

so hopefully this will help anyone who wants to register...




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