9:54 AM

Juicy weekend

Sun, February 15, 2009 - 8:59 AM

went down to do a workshop yesterday with Mardi Love for Valentines.....such a treat to myself.

I have done Mardi's workshops before.....and I alwasy enjoy them so much!! She has such a smooth juicy style of tribal fusion, that really shows off the girly side of the dance form. Which is nice....but at no time does this make it easier. So not so locky and poppy....but softer hits with alot of beutiful smooth stylings.....

soooooooooo nice!!

It was a great day, got to hang out with a fellow troupe mate, Sally!!! Did some shopping and found some finds....spent money at Mardi's workshop on a beautiful necklace she made......

truly a great Valentines to myself!!

and many thanks to the fabulous HelenWheels of Seattle for hosting such a lovely workshop!

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