Meaderings from las Vegas

9:21 AM

Meaderings from las Vegas

Sat, March 8, 2008 - 4:00 PM

so I'm here In Las Vegas doing a weeklong with Miss Rachel Brice....and I had to sit today out...which makes me very pissed at myself. But I have shivering under my blankets for the past 24 hours in a fever. Whcih means I have been sleeping non stop, and just woke up to realise I missed her workshops today :( which clearly my body needed to rest.

so In my fever induced state...I remember coming up many thoughts of Las Vegas. Now please if you are from Las Vegas know that I love you very much. Please do not take personally.

so my observations...if you live in Las Vegas. Be prepared to become a heavy smoker. even if your not. if you do smoke save yourself some money and leave your cigs at home.If you have just quit...bonus for you...all you gotta do is wonder over to your nearest casino. Toss some money into slot and for sure in 20 minutes upon entering a casino you would have cosumed the equivelant of about a pack of cigaretttes. Its pretty gross actually....I think I have the lovely bonus of acquiring a smokers cough. Seriously I sound Like I have been smoking for 30 years.

second one. for gods sake who the hell built these hotels anyways??? One would think you need more than a quater inch of drywall between each room. If I wake up to the sounds of oh baby oh baby oh baby with the lovely rythmic banging on my head board one more night...I'm serioulsy going next door to knock on the door with a lovely hispanic accent..."housekeeping" at 7 oclock in the morning. I mean I do not blame the happy couple at all...but really feel these hotel people make stacks of money that perhaps they can splurge out for a couple more inches of drywall.

third one. Ok so whats up with the little old ladies with the bungy cords strapped to their wrist with their credit card on the other end inside the slot machine. I seriously think something is really truly wrong with society that you can pay for your gambling with your credits cards. weird.

fourth. the Starbucks across the street from the hotel is a much happier place than the Starbucks in the hotel. Even the coffee tastes like cigarettes.

ok ok ok enough of my small rantings...Just wanna say though the Las Vegas bellydance gals are first rate. Pretty cool dance community!! They also have loads of great events happening here in Vegas...check it out!

and the Lovely Tori of Daughters of Durga she is the fabulos gal who has sponsored the rachel Brice workshops....some of the best I have ever been too! Thanks so much Tori!!

Viva Las Vegas

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