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Fri, December 19, 2008 - 10:13 AM

yep been a little whacked lately....

Just when you think life is cool....it throws you a major curveball.

My hubby got laid off last week....and to just make it all special. Last Sunday my townhouse had a huge electrical fire. My unit was very much damaged and will take the longest to repair. Evrything is coming out of the house for restoration. EVERYTHING. alot of things are too damaged to rescue....so anything plastic or paper is gone. All my costumes were in the room most damged....so those are gone as well.:(

so yeah. shitty week.

But with the darknest always comes light, and many blessings. My children were not there to witness what had happened. They were skiing at the time. When the electrical explosion hit....thankfully it wasn't 2am in the morning, but 5 pm at night. So everyone was awake, and was able to resue all there pets. My community around me has rallied...and really truly I see the true spirit of Christmas and community. all my kids things were damaged....but the schools and dance community has gone crazy to make sure my kids have a Christmas, and clothing and alot of love to get us through this really tough time.

its gonna be a really rough ride for the next bit. My husband has got to find a new job.....we gotta wait out the repairs to our home....

But its gonna be ok.

much love to everyone .....thankyou so much for all your well wishes love and support,


Merry Christmas.

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