Collecting?? well I am.

4:53 PM

I have been fortunate to be traveling around lately...and getting to see alot of different places for Bellydance events and family time. And of course you pass by all the tourist shops, they are everywhere. Over priced goods cards, magnets, pics, posters, glasses, calendars, figurines, jewellery, packaged local food, beach wear, silly hats, fashion items, tshirts, flags....I really could go on and on.

Its all part of travelling.

For me not my favorite part, but you cannot go travel anywhere in the world without seeing your classic tourist trap shop.

But, here I am traveling alot, and I feel like I need to somehow celebrate this crazy adventure that is my life at the moment. So I have wanted to settle on a common theme item to celebrate my travels. And world tour conquests.

So after much guidelines. (one does need rules for tacky tourist items)
- must be under $10
- must be small and adds no weight to my 20 pound suitcase limit.
- must be a useable practical item, that does not collect dust.
- and must be some type of conversation item/ cheesy is doable.

Ok what did settle on???
I feel its an old faithful option.
The Mug.ok whatever...but hey it fits all my guidelines.

ok so the collection is last trip new. But I will be adding to it and posting pics after every trip:)

soooooo...:::::drumroll please::::::

Mr. Barcelona...bad toro.

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