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6:54 PM


this is my new project. I need to fix this necklace!!

Its a Mardi Love Original Necklace, and it finally broke after 4 years at the last show I was at in Barcelona. I'm pretty hard on my things so it really held up for quite some time. But of course, its a personal fav, so I don't really wanna change a thing! So I hit the craft store!

On Mardi's etsy site it mentions that she strings her creations on French cut steel. I will just assume that's something that was made in fairy land, and really took a serious hard look at the thread that was used in my current necklace, and try and match that material. What I found was Nylon Power Bead Cord stretch and extra strong.

It looks pretty similar to the material that was used I'm gonna give it a go.

Now lucky for me, I didn't loose any beads when it broke....yeah!! So the biggest trick is to put it back together close to how it looked before. I took some pics on my handy dandy camera. Mostly to help me remember what the original looks like.

Ok let me know if you have tips or ideas for stringing beads.....will post pics of the finished product:)

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