Armchair Expert Tuesday.....The Amano project

12:25 PM

This weeks Armchair Expert is featuring the troupe The Amano Project. A collective of dancers from the Netherlands and Belgium headed up by the very talented Tjrada of the Uzume. The troupe is a fairly young troupe only coming up to its 1 year anniversary. Members include....Joyce Benschop, Mattias lauwers, Fieke Dieleman, Stephanie der Zwaal and Tjarda van Straten.

The style is modern the very cutting edge of fusion bellydance. I'm a huge fan due to the fact of the troupes amazing music interpretation, interesting lines and formations, and lovely simple clear bellydance movement executed in a very creative way. Exactly what this genre is all about!

The troupe has the unique ability to create frames or pictures that can capture a moment in time....and the story of that moment is up to you to create. Gorgeous!!

ok check it.....

This is the Amano Project performing "Step In"  at Split Tribal Fest In Croatia

Ok for more info about the Amano Project check out Tjarda's website at ...

sneak around the site a bit, and your find out more info about The Uzume's ongoing projects, like Beyond round will be this November featuring the UBER talented Cera Byer, and very delicious Olivia Kissel from Zafira

here...go here now...silly:)))


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