Einstein Marathon

11:03 AM

well not my life.
so  you can guess I don't run....
pretty much never. Its not that I'm outta shape...running is against my personal philosophy in life.
plus it kills my body, I'm more a yoga and swimming gal.

But I'm not one to begrudge my husband...he likes it, and does it for a stress relief. This year he turned 40 so he decided he wanted to run the Einstein Marathon here in Ulm, Germany.

He did pretty good....considering he didn't train like crazy for it.

took some pics of course...

 on our way over to the finish line

"mom its raining, how long are we staying"
"until Dad crosses the line, dear"
"when's that"
"good question"
" do you think the ambulance will bring him?"
"good question"

so cute that couple came across holding hands...

 This 12 year girl won her age division, Callum and Toren noticed she was faster than Tony.

Here he comes........

and there he goes....
Tony would like me to point out his actual time was 4 hours and 1 minute ...
thats what his race chip timer clocked him at

This is my kids pointing out to my husband that a 12 year beat him to the line....
Tony liked hearing that.mmmm.no.

I kid you not, that is a beer. They served them up for the race participants at the finish line. Tony let me know he also had a beer halfway threw the race at a drink station.
Good grief, only in Germany

Tony was tired after the race....

Finish line view in Ulm, Germany

Yeah Tony....you did it!!
He wants to do it again next year...crazy guy.
He does suggest to folks not to board a plane to China the day after a marathon....
a helpful hint, and a personal note to himself for next year.


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