From Tribal Umrah....

9:46 AM

Sometimes you have to perform a difficult piece that is hard for you to place on the stage. For whatever reason its to emotional, its hitting way to many nerves....your nerves.

The music haunts you, you dream it...its in your head while you drive.

I didn't really want to perform this music, it was hitting to close to some sensitive nerves for me.

But I needed to do it, it was a key to some emotional growth that I was going threw at the time.....

Choreographing the piece made me angry, I was a complete jerk to my family while I was working with this piece. I wanted to scrap this dance so many times.

Then I discovered that Kami Liddle, had also danced to this piece last year. The ladies in Barcelona nearly got a frantic last minute email to change my music.....
But I knew I couldn't.

This piece has been performed twice, and I will never place it on the stage ever again. Nor will I teach it. It was a relief to be done with it, and to allow something to rest deep inside of me.........finally.

Looking back at the video....I really thought it was a very bad performance that I placed on the Tribal Umrah stage....but now I can look at it with a more gentle heart....and honor this particular process.


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