Secret Armchair Expert Tuesday

11:15 AM

Ok so first, lemme explain the title. I have been on youtube wee little while now....and with that you get to experience a myriad of comments of how people react to you and your art form on youtube. Sometimes hateful, but alot of good...but this was always how I would joke about any negative comments. That these reactions would come from the armchair experts of the internet. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, just making light of that, in the way that I do, this feature, will happen every Tuesday. It will never ever ever be negative in any way.

Its my way of supporting my fellow tribal dance artist. By helping show off your beautiful videos of your amazing performances. A wee little internet Zagraret from a fellow dancer.

Ok sooooooooo this weeks armchair expert feature comes to us from Las Vegas, the location , but the dancer is the lovely Nicci from Abbotsford, BC. Just would like to mention, Nicci, has dedicated the performance to Margie Peters, her fellow troupe mate, who is fighting a difficult battle with Cancer.


be sure to check out her website at....


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