Secret Bellydance Closet Find.

4:28 PM

Raise your hand if your your wardrobe is jammed packed with bellydance gear that no one....NO ONE, has seen the light of day.
::::raises hand:::::

yes, welcome to my closet. Every bellydancer I know, has a collection of hidden closet secrets that have never seen the light of day. Except maybe in one photoshoot. Which is silly of course. We spend scads of money on precious beautiful finds, but never get the chance or opportunity to put it all together for the stage.

(I've noticed you have raised you hand)

So I say rubbish to all of that. I'm gonna start wearing it all, well not all at once. But in bits and pieces....and when I think of it, photograph it to get up on the blog. So there. (sticks out tongue)
I can have my sparkles and wear them too.

ok first fashion...umm whatever is a basic black top, linen harem pants....and secret bellydance closet find is the antique indian mini skirt with awesome shisha mirrors. I have two of these....and sadly they never get worn, so silly. But not anymore...ta da. ok whatever you get the idea....

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