I love tweed.

5:10 PM

Recently I found some really awesome thrift store finds, including a really beautiful tweed skirt! I couldn't help but add my own twist on it. Bellydancers are not very good at not being flashy!! The weather was really just so beautiful the other day, so I got outside to take some pics of my finished product. I'll post soon a quick DIY on the skirt, but in the meantime...enjoy!! My 7 year old son took my pics this week:)

 yes my ears are gaged, I'm at about 00. Check out my cute hair clips...I found some old clip on earring and tossed them in my hair.

added some cute buttons and lace embellishment to freshen up the skirt

Fluevogs, always beautiful!

Hey, my 7 year did great right!?! He loves taking pictures!!

Sweater- Thrifted
Tweed Skirt- Thrifted
Teal Hair Clips- Thrifted
Stockings- Orsay
Shoes- Fluevogs
Pretty Pearls- my grammas:)


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