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Good grief I have been away for a week, and unfortunately I didn't have access to internet very often.....so I have been a bit out of date!!!
Yikes!!....but I have so much to share!
I had the amazing opportunity to be in Valencia for a whole week, teaching, work shopping and performing at The Valencia Tribal Fest in beautiful Spain. Hosted by Nuria Gallego. I must say, loads of fun was to be had!  Amazing workshops, the shows were topnotch, and I am so happy to have met so many new friends on this journey!
Pictures????......well of course!!! I had so many that I really had to collage them all up, or this would have turned into a very long blog post!!

First day had everyone in tech at the theatre for the Alice In Tribal Land show. But of course afterwards we squeezed in some coffee, sight seeing and shopping!

That evening was hafla time. We had the opportunity to really see what the local BD community is up too in the dance scene here. Lemme tell ya, all the dancers that evening blew everyone away! Such beautiful talent!

First day of workshops brought us over to the event centre at the Valencia University. Workshops, workshops and more workshops!! Really its a dancers heaven. The line up of teachers was amazing!!

The evening brought us to our theatre location, where all the guest teachers jumped into prep mode to get ready for the show, Alice In Tribal Land. Super great show. Each of the teachers took on a character based on Alice in Wonderland. I got the Cheshire Cat.....I was a wee nervous about it. I chose to imitate the Cheshire smile with glow in the dark paint and black lights. Yeah it worked!!! whoot whoot! The show was a great success, and it was super fun to try something different for performing!

We worked hard with the workshops and shows...but it didn't stop us from having some late night silliness happen.....alot of late night silliness. Maybe too much...I'm still tired....yeesh.

Monday night of the festival had us all performing again at the VLC Tribal Party Show.....again with the mind blowing performances from everyone!!!

A little after party fun.........

more fun to be had........

Valencia was so beautiful and warm...really got to soak up the last bits of sun before having to head home!!

Yeah team....our last dinner all together before we all gotta head our separate ways. VLC Tribal Fest was a blast!

Be sure to check out the VlC Tribal Fest website

as well as all the awesome dancers and teachers that were at this great festival!!



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