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12:06 PM

So sometimes you have a very much loved belt,  it will get  really worn out with so much use...what to do?????
Reuse,Recycle and update it of course!!

I loved this belt so much...I made it last year....but really it had seen better days. It was really falling apart, the beading was catching on everything. Sequins were falling off, it was snagging on everything!
But I so loved that belt!!

I tried doing some repair work on it...but in the end...I needed to pull it apart and redo it. Now, some would say why not just make a new belt...yeah I could. But I really enjoyed pulling it all apart and recreating it with the same idea but with some new features.

Plus when you wear in a kinda get attached to the feel of it. I can't really explain that....but there you go. I still have my one of my first belts, its called Old faithful.....everytime I look at it to pull it apart. I just can't do it yet...its a wee bit too sentimental.

Anyways my craziness aside....ta daaaaaa...
my new belt!

yeahhhhh!!! just in time for my trip to Zagreb!!


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