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Ok soooooo Collaging....

not always my favorite subject. If your training in bellydance or Tribal fusion you might have come across the teaching technique of collaging. I know I have with taking my training with Suhaila Salimpour. But I do know other teachers in the field  use this method to help students access their creativity with collaging exercises.

Its not for everyone, and I have heard many pros and cons with this technique to help dancers access their unconsciousness to help access their art form in a more dynamic way. 

 Collaging requires the "artist" to collect various images, papers, sequins, buttons, pens, pencils, watercolors...whatever you wish and to create some sort of "art" with all your various mediums of choice.

The idea being that you gain and focus your inspiration for your next dance project into a visual aid for your dance.
 For me, the hardest part of this type of exercise is keeping it organized!

So here are some of my favorite tips for collaging..

Tip #1
Stay on top of it!
So I like using magazines and images. 
Really truly if your a magazine hoarder like myself. Do your self a favor, don't let your pile of magazines build up. Cut out whatever images you like...on a regular basis and recycle your old magazines.Trust me its a big mess to go threw all at once!!

Organize yourself!
Get a cute binder. By some clear dividers. Label...and sort out all your favorite images into categories.
This will help you soooooo much when you need to collage an assignment for any intensive BD courses. Your up late, not much sleep...the last thing you wanna do is dig through a Vogue magazine looking for inspiration for your next assignment! I carry my binder to workshops where I know I will be doing collage exercises.

Get your self a cute workbook.
Really you deserve it!!
Look for artist sketch books, be sure to choose something that gives you space to work.

Tip #4
Consider a workbook that is suitable for collaging and your class exercises. Its super handy to keep all your inspiration and class notes all in one place...a dance diary if you will. Don't worry your dance diary does not have to be perfect its supposed to be a working tool for you! So don't stress so much with how it looks...but really put the effort into your process!

Really truly if you feel like your struggling to start seek help!!
There are so many resources out there...go and look for some inspiration!!! Also listen to your teacher!! They often are offering many clues to where you can source inspiration from!

Ok those are my Top 5!

and yeah.....I struggled too...this process has never come easy for me.
But somehow I kinda like it now...and I do find it relaxing. It keeps my artistic gears moving in a totally different way. So give it a try!!


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