wait......I went to Vancouver!

7:03 PM

Vancouver Workshop presented by Scarlet Lux

No I didn't forget Vancouver!! But I went to Vancouver!! My fabulous friends Sally and Angelina of Scarlet Lux presented the 3 Ring Circus series featuring Alexis Southall, Sam Riggs and myself. Alexis started the day out with her workshops....she challenged the Vancouver crew with some tough combos...and some new things to work on! 

Alexis Southall work shopping in Vancouver

Next up Sam Riggs got the Van crew sweating with some crazy beautiful Bollywood ITS styled combos. I didn't get a chance to do this workshop (rehearsal time with Alexis) but both of us were viewing the workshop after we were finished up....I'm sooooo sad that I didn't have the chance...because everyone was smiling there faces off!!

 Sam Riggs busting it up!!

After a little lunch break....it was my turn! I threw a whole bunch of travelling and layered omis into the mix....Vancouver is my hometown and these gals are used to my teaching style......so its always fun to bust them up a bit::::::evil grin::::::

Ok really....I'm not yelling at them.

come on ladies move it:))))

A little cuddle and chill time with Sam and Alexis after our workshops....

For real....I felt like I was in Vancouver for 5 minutes....it went by soooooo quick...rehearsals, workshops and lets not forget Molotov Caravan. Angelina and Sally were busting there butts sooooo hard!!! Thankyou ladies for all your amazing hard work.....the reason why this is sooo amazing is all this went down literally 2 days before Tribal Fest 13. Crazy Girls! But all the hard work paid off and a super great show was had!! 

Sally's performance troupe

some super sexy Tango Fusion!

Neil was in the house!!

pretty ladies Tamara and Faith

we had mermaids!!!

some Sam Riggs charm....

Angelina wooooooing the crowd......

yes that is a bed of nails.....yes that is Sally in a Taco costume.....

yes that is also Sally on a bed of nails as well as Taco costume....and Neil trying to blow Sally's hair outta his mouth.crazy.

Pretty Alexis hits the stage....

Backstage fun with the Azrakesh....aka...bearded lady awesome extremo.

pretty Belly Belly Hip keeping cool....

seriously Neil is awesome.

a little backstage love with Alexis....

 Alexis....can you please save me some vino???

Seriously....as always many many thanks Sally and Angelina for hosting......always a serious blast.....I always get a little emotional with teaching in Vancouver....those ladies mean so much to me...and I am so grateful for the support from the Vancouver Bellydance community. I carry that love and support with me wherever I go....so many many thanks!!

seriously check out these links of  these fabulous folks!!

lots of lovexooxox

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