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Recently I had the very great experience of traveling to Moscow, Russia to teach workshops there with my lovely host Tanya!!

After a long journey to Moscow from San Diego....I was surprised to discover how warm it was in Moscow!!!! HOT!!! really HOT!!!!!

But never mind my lack of climate control in my armpits.........Never in my life would I have thought to have the chance to teach in Moscow. I was really soooooo super excited to be there and so so grateful!!!

Moscow I have to say is HUGE!!! 20 million people live there! That's alot of people! Tanya and Natalia my hosts grabbed me from the airport, and after a quick dump of my bags at the hotel we hit the city to check out some of the sites. You think you would be tired after 24 hours of travel....but nope...I was to excited to see this city!

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed!!

 The Kremlin

The Moscow River

Cathedral in the Red Square

Watermelon Juice Break!

The city is really truly the way that other major beautiful tourist cities are....Picturesque, fast paced, and exciting to be walking around!! 

 Horse play in the Park outside the Kremlin

Cathedral in the Kremlin...

I was very much spoiled!! My host, her father is working at the Art Gallery, so we got some free passes to the natural history museum and the Kremlin. We did alot of walking but I saw so many really beautiful things!!! It was a once in a lifetime experience to have the chance to get to go inside the Kremlin, and check out some of the beautiful displays in there. The Kremlin is HUGE....and has many buildings, museums, government offices...and is where the Russian Government is holding.

We did get some work done toooooooo!!! I did have workshops to well as perform!


Man those gals worked hard!!!! Crazy fun workshops with alot of sweat! The workshops really taught me something as well...the time spent in the studio really allowed me to get to know Russian women better. There is this perception that Russian woman are cold and standoffish.....but I saw none of that. These gals were warm, funny, talented....and crazy crazy HARDWORKING!!

Of course there is always the show!!!! The show was really fun and was at this Rock Club called the Rock House. Ohhhhhhhh.....everyone performed so well and was really incredible. But the highlight of the night was the chance to get to perform with a Moscow metal band called Sexy Kill Device

There music was actually pretty cool....they added a real electronic flavor to all that somehow it all worked out! I never improvised with a metal band it really was a first for me. And I must say I had a blast!!! These guys rocked!!

Tanya with Sexy Kill Device

Thats me trying to rock the smoke haze::::cough:::::
here's the music from the set
Desert of the Real 

backstage with my hosts Natalia and Tanya

After a busy weekend we got to come down a bit with some relaxing and eating at this lovely Ukrainian restaurant.....sooooo goodt!!



nope not Vodka.....Ukrainian moonshine. and yes....its stronger than Russian Vodka.

Last day had us all going out to the countryside....and grabbing some Russian Kvas....its like a malt beer kinda thing...super tasty!


many many Thankyous to my beautiful sponsors!!!
YEAHHHHHH you guys!!!!
It was really such a great trip!

listen up....

some linkage!!

the beautiful Tanya Levykina 

The lovely Natalia

Sexy Kill Device facebook
and you can hear their music here

and hey if ya wanna see more can  here.....


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