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Sometimes the journey to choreography can be a simple process....find music, press play, make dance, already have costume, perform. Repeat.

Other times the process can be a bit of a doozy to get to. Especially if you have not figured all your puzzle pieces together. For some reason the last couple of times of getting something together has been a confusing puzzle for me to figure out.

This just gotta be slightly patient and allow things to fall into place.

So lets start from the beginning.....first piece of inspiration this time around was color. I fell in love with a color....well actually I have been in love with it for a while. But this year at Tribal Fest 13 the lovely Dusty had her booty skirts for sale in her SnakeChurch booth, and there it was....the color green...the one in my dreams and thoughts.

So of course I bought the skirt.....but starting with costuming is not always the beginning of the story. Why green? Well green is somewhat of a relaxing color for me....I fall in love with green when I see a room full of plants, crazy pacific northwest forests, beautiful summer green fields. I needed to work with green at this time.

Look I didn't say any of this would make sense...mmmmmkay.

But now what. I needed a theme...a story...I needed music.

Great. Now what. The vast void of music. This can be a slippery slope to no where. I had created a story line...but I needed to find the right music.

If you happen to talk to me during this will realize the crazy crazy that is of a dancer hunting their music. It kinda borders on woo woo. Thank goodness my good friend Alexis Southall was a bit of a sounding board....cause I was lost!!!!! But with some good suggestions from her, a spark finally happened.....

The very talented Violet Scrap.....I had seen this a while ago, and had asked the lovely Violet who the artist was...James Blake. A British artist who is tearing up the music scene in England and Europe.

I had been listening to this guy for weeks the the shower, brushing my teeth.....humming it all the time. Whyyyyyy did I waste so much time trying to find music, when it was right there in front of me. Yeeeeeeesh. But of course I did not wish to perform the exact same piece as Violet....out of respect as well. The song is intense....some serious discordant chords....crazy powerful vocals. I have had a pretty traumatic spring...emotionally and physically. I needed something lighter....lighter in energy. Something to go with my story line of survival and coming towards the light with joy in the heart. I KNOW!!!!!! WOO WOO!!!!!

So now the fun of my favorite places to find music......but now I have my song but now I gotta find a angle....a beat that is gonna get me to the place I'm happy with.

After sifting through endlesssssssssssssssss remixes of James Blake Retrograde remixes....some good.....alot of BAD. yeesh...I finally found this from a DJ in Oslo....Finnebasen.

Go ahead go listen.....its good but one problem.....Its over 8 minutes long. Can't use that for performances when usually you have limits of 5 minutes max for a show. So in enters my husband. Tony. Tony has been editing my music for years.....why??? Cause I suck at it. No really, I'm crap. I know exactly what I want with the music, where to edit....but somehow my husband can just go that little extra make a piece of music really seemless in its edits....
have a listen.....

there ya go.....3:39 perfect for time limits for shows.

Once I had the music....the choreography just fell into place...I was able to keep my them in mind and try to achieve my concept to a full circle process. whooooosh. Sounds complicated.....but heres the costume.....

And just like that you have a long blog post that was supposed to be about the costume but evolved into my looking glass of a get to my final product.

 and for those who wanna know.....yes Alexis....there is even a collage:)

sorry for the roundabout journey folks. But hey, I'll be sure to post the video when it comes out so you can see the final product!

Heyyyyy for sure you gotta check out the lovely and super talented Violet Scrap....go watch her videos she is AWESOME.

Super Beautiful Alexis Southall for being my voice of reason in this story!!

and in case you forgot....James Blake

and if your looking for your very own booty skirt DUSTY at Snakechurch


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