Zill Drills with Afsana

9:35 PM

I got to see so many of my friends when I recently traveled to Europe...Lucky me!!!! One of those talented gals was the very awesome Lenka Afsana. I met Lenka at the Tribal Prague event a couple of years ago, and she blew me away with her amazing zills fusion performance piece!  Lemme tell ya.....this girl can zill!!! She really has an amazing musicality! I really enjoy the fact that she is really pushing to use zills in her fusion pieces as well as her ATS pieces.

I love this!!

 But what really got me excited when talking to Lenka, was she let me know that she was offering drill based classes on youtube!! What??!!! seriously I had to check them out as soon as I got home....


Seriously for someone like myself who is not coordinated when it comes to finger cymbals this is really awesome. The instruction is short...and clear. Lenka gives us a front and back view....also time to practice on our own as well with her. She also includes a nice buildup to moving you feet and hips while practicing. Everything you want is here!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! You can really tell that Lenka is very comfortable teaching zills and has alot of experience with getting students up and running very quickly!

be sure to check out the rest of her series......

Lenka also makes and sells beautiful bindi's...

so be sure to check out her shop on Facebook
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and be sure to stop by her page to give her some love!
Lenka Afsana


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