Tofino, BC Mon, August 29, 2005 - 1:26 PM

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we got lucky in Tofino.....sunshine for a whole week!!! Very weird, it always rains, and it did.....the day we left. packing up 2 kids and a muddy tent truly a test! Tofino as usual was beautiful, but very busy. This town has changed so much in 10 years!!! It is really growing....unfortunatly some of the local news is heartbreaking. There is a first nations community in Tofino, sadly they have had 65 suicide attempts and 2 deaths due to suicide since Xmas. it seems the people are confused and depressed, there main industry (fishing) has been closed down. There also seems to be the issue as to were they fit into a community that has become such a tourist based town. Alot for me to think about from a place I love so dearly.

This year I made loads of connections within the community, meeting more locals chatting and getting to know there families...I love meeting new people to hear there stories. My husband got in loads of surfing.....he would have like to have surfed more!!. This year after many years of being a chicken and boogie boarding only, I have decided that I am now feeling comfortable with the ocean enough to give surfing a try. This is a big deal to me...I am a prairie girl so being in the ocean wigs me out a little.

So next summer I will enroll myself with the local surf school, Surf Sister, and start practising with Tony's board. Who knows I might be able to get up!

This year it was great to see my good friend Michelle and her family to come out to Long Beach, it was great hanging out on the beaches and relaxing, laughing at our kids!! Hopefully, Linda can come out next year!!!

The greatest thing that happened on vacation this year was Tony took us out to do some whale watching for our 7th wedding aniversary. We have never gone out before......we got real lucky and got to see a beautiful humpback whale. One of my personal favorite creatures on the planet! It really was special, we had a great guide who kept the boat engine off for over an hour just so we could see this awesome creature. He came up and gave us a beautiful tale fluke as well. What a great day!!!!

Wow, whole month off !!! I needed it, but I am looking forward to the upcoming dance season. Alot will be going on, and it will be busy!!!

my husband of course is already planning his next great surf vacation........

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