Weekend with Rachel Wed, January 11, 2006 - 10:36 AM

4:32 AM

So as usual....

whenever there is a workshop it really does take a couple of days for me to register everything. It really was such a great weekend!!!

I think my favorite part was the fact my firends Dina, Linda and Sam where there as well. Sam was lucky enough to get a spot last minute, it has been great to create a frienship with this woman since we first met in Toronto at the Suhaila workshops....Dina it was cool to have there as well. Dina has been one of my students for longest length of time. Over time we have become good friends so it was lovely to experience a workshop with her. And Linda....she has overcome so much...and I was so proud that the first workshop she has ever taken is Rachel's. And she did it too!! yeah Lin!!! you would never know that the girl has had major back surgery, just a very short time ago!! These woman really made my weekend!!! It was fun to have our sleepover...eat and eat some more. late night slurpees. All night dancing...and then some more food. pancake breakfast and stuffed full with a greek dinner in Steveston. I think I am still full!! And then there was the actual workshop!

As usual...it never ceases to amaze me on how much I learn in any given workshop. That is why I love bellydance so much. The learning curve is endless!!! You cannot get bored! Rachel's workshop was no exception....practice journels...staging....beaking down choreos...creating choreos...drills....new drills!!!....some new yogo poses......This weekend was jammed!! And could we forget the show!!! Wow! From Rachel to BBH to our sisters in Seattle...to our local girls...it was a great show. And I had the pleasure of experiencing the show as the stage manager. Lady Ra was my queen of the booth....kiss.

As usual I feel blessed to have experience such a great weekend. I have truly learned so much.....that I cannot possible put everything into words.

Bigs thanks to Amanda and BBH, I am so very grateful. There work really paid off.......

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