Suhaila in Toronto Wed, November 23, 2005 - 11:19 AM

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Suhaila Weekend....

For me it really does take a couple of days to comment on the workshops I take with Suhaila, there is so much info overload that you need some time to compute it all.

Unlike October, these workshops really gave me a great overview of the whole concept. Right from Jamila's format to Suhaila's level training. It was really nice to see how Jamilla's format has been incorpaorated into the whole vision of Suhaila's school. It is different but not....So thursday was a lovely intro into Jamilla's format. And I can honestly say that this format is still very current and relevant in today's bellydance world. We worked cymbals all day, with the format and that alone kicked my butt!!! We did a lovely choreo as well that included!!!

Friday and Saturday Toronto got thrown into the Suhaila format full tilt. because unlike doing a level specific got an overview of level 1,2, and 3. All I can say is thank god I have done level 1, because I would have been totally lost!!! But it was great for me to see where I will be taking my training next...what I have to work on for level 2 certification.

Sunday was a drum solo choreo that I believe was from the dances with the Sultan video...I might be wrong. But the choreo was created when Suhaila was in her 20' kicked my ass. Very technical, but still very danced based. Still trying to figure some of the combo's!!!

The whole weekend was a great success...Toronto can be a very dramatic dance community...and I think they really enjoyed having Suhaila there....even Yasmina herself was at the gala show....

My favorite bits was having the lovely Rachel Brice in the workshops with us. She was sweating it out with all of us and only bowed out to prep for the gala. I can say she is really a lovely warm individual...that spent time meeting and talking to people. Her performance at the gala was amazing and dynamic and Vancouver is in for a great treat in January!!!

Suhaila was as always her lovely warm self...and it was my favorite to see the dance community of Toronto to really accept her and her format. People really did set aside egos and came to dance. I really have to mention Tiffany as well, she is Suhaila's right hand woman...Tiffany rocked the house. That girl did not stop once. When she was dealing with the Suhaila gear she was up there assisting in the workshop. Having so many woman in a workshop it really does help to have another person to ask questions to. Suhaila came down with stomach flu on saturday...Tiffany did not miss a beat and went on teaching for Saturday. In fact she busted us harder than Suhaila!!! After that tough day...Tiffany went on to the gala...performed a lovely set and still was managing the Suhaila vending at the show! So....a big salut to that gal!!!

The workshops where amazing the gala striking, but my favorite part was meeting the people!! I made some great friendshops with Christi form Missouri and Sam from the UK. it really was lovely to bond with these two beautiful woman who are very talented in ther own right. Christi has amazing creative vision, with a unique twist for bellydance...her troupe is mixing it up huge in her small community in Missouri. And Sam is amazing..this woman has taught herself how to bellydance by watching Caraleena videos...but has incorporated her own twist on the style. She performed on a lovely set..that blew the crowd away. She is travelling from the Uk for a whole year and hopes to get to SF to train as well. She will be here for Felico' guys are in for a treat!!! These 2 special women made the whoe experience the icing on the cake!!! I was so fortunate to have them there to go threw something like that together!!! I look very much forward to our future friendships together!!!

Well that s pretty much it....oh yeah...the secret did get out...Suhaila will be rocking in Vancouver next year November 18,19, 2006. I am working on the many details.....I hope to see you all there!!

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