Happy Holidays to everyone!!

11:02 PM

Well today is somewhat of an anniversary for me.

1 year ago today I had my house fire...and really truly I cannot believe its been 1 year. Alot has happened, and we all have moved forward. But I have been quite hesitant to celebrate the holidays until after this day has passed. Sounds silly but life sometimes makes you hold your breath a bit and makes you pause to reflect.

But I thought this gives me the chance to break open some news.I have waited to let everyone know...for personal reasons...but now its time to let folks know whats happening.

My family and I will be moving to Germany in the upcoming year. Tony will be leaving as of January 8th. And I will bring the kids to Europe after tribal fest in the middle of May. Big decision, but we feel its worth the adventure. And the chance to have our children to experince Europe. Living in Europe has alot to offer in the way of dance as well...and I'm excited to say that I will be teaching Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Ulm, Germany at a bellydance studio there.

I will be having 2 major events coming up in the next couple of months. Kami Liddle will be in Vancouver in March...and Suhaila in April. Then off to Tribal Fest 10 in May! I will still be teaching classes until April...then my lovely assistants Megan and Sally will be taking over. so busy busy!!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!! And I would like to extend many happy blessings and cheer for the season!

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