from here and there and back again...

4:03 PM I am. Finally in Germany!! my new home for the next little while.

Life has been a bit hectic lately...but now I get to settle back into my life. Enjoy again, get inspired, drink a cappuccino.  Why are the cappuccino's always better in Europe. There good enough to get a girl started on caffeine again!

So updates...yes I did make it to Vancouver to host Suhaila. Martina versus the volcano came to a dramatic end, with a successful workshop and even more successful show. Its always great for me to connect with Suhaila, it really makes me focus more on what my goals are as a dancer. And to get it done! The workshops went really well...and I really could see that people were taking on the format and getting it into there bodies! many thanks to Suhaila and Ginger for such a great weekend!

Lets not forget the Elements show! I think my biggest show yet, with high expectations from the dancers to take a element, wind, water, fire and earth, and somehow create a piece that would suit that element. Well everyone was up for the challenge...and proceeded to blow me away!! Vancouver dancers should be proud of the talent that is in our beautiful west coast city! I dunno even know where to start...but to say just how grateful I am that you all joined me for this evening. And evening that was a goodbye to the city I love. It was a very emotional evening for myself. Big thanks Samatha Emmanual who jump out of her workshops on Vancouver island to hit the show. And special thanks to Suhaila and Ginger!

I have much to blog about and catch up on but I will leave it for now with some beautiful pics by Britt Blackford from the Elements show!

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