Tribal Fest 10!!

5:14 PM

well another year has come and gone...

Tribal Fest 10!!
what a year, always filled with excitement and adventure!!

First off....always I dunno how they do it. But Kajira and Chuck always put on a first class event. Ohhhhh sure I'm sure there are some glitches and bumps running a festival this size. But really truly when your there, Kajira and Chuck are so warm and friendly, they always say hello to everyone, and they still mange to do it with a smile. Somehow, a dance community comes together and really truly this special place called Tribal Fest is the heart of this tribal community for one week. I think alot of people at Tribal Fest get really blissed out, its just alot of good energy, and its all tribal. This has everything to do with all the hard work and effort of Kajira and Chuck! thankyou!!!PS!! Thanks for having me teach this year!!what a blast, and what a great class!

now for the huge adventure!! Well, always there is an adventure....5 girls one solid gold mini van, US customs, Starbucks/bathroom breaks, the I-5 for 18 hours,choregraphed car dancing and always the cross country adventure that is the last 3 can you not have an adventure? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lets not forget the best Mexican restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of being at. Cactus lights and a singing toilet, mexican food dining made very very very excellent.Its in Reading, please let me know if you need directions...I will be more than happy to oblige, and I'm not joking.

I mean its 18hours straight driving.....only a 'pegger girl and a calgary chick, accustomed to long hauls on the prairies of the great white north, would dare to make it in one go with the Beastie Boys as their soundtrack.WERD. :::::warning::::::: only should attempt if you know the secret recipe of perfect equal amount of chocolate covered espresso beans, green tea lemondes, rockstar energy drinks, and mountain dew. be careful with that mountain dew...dangerous stuff...only balance if you have have carefully plannned your clean and safe bathroom route for the next 18 hours.ohhhhhhhhhh fuzzy peaches...and Sally pass me my Hawkins cheezies dammit.and ps...someone pass poor Megan her Gravol....shes a looking a little green from the drive.Sarah dammit which way??? pass me the damn map...wait wait Sarah throw the horns again....


So once in California, and you have safely passed the fruits and vegetables control stop....and have passed the mighty California welcome dragon on the I-5...we had the the lovely experience of cross country driving field trip to get to Santa Rosa. Cross Country, because the dumb ass dude that works at google maps decided to take us on every back woods route with hair raising turns and mountain cliff driving...because for some random reason that route is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the highway. and all...but we have been driving for 18 hours....and we are a little bit more than hopped up on mountain dew:::::::::::we have reached the danger zone of the prairie fire potty mouth:::::::::::::::................. Dear Jason at google maps....I know where you your mothers house in the midwest.....and I know spending endless hours on google thinking up random routes for tourists is fun and all....but imma coming to egg your effing house.And no, I do not care that your mama lives there as well.

Sooooooo Santa Rosa.....and the amazing Pixie!! yeah PIXIE!!!! we had a photoshoot with Pixie, and what a day. Pixie was really awesome and such a  fire cracker...I think Ginger Blue is still recovering!! And thats saying alot! we can't wait to show everyone our set...there just getting edited!! Thanks Pixie!!!

After an exciting day.....and a wee bit o drinkin....we headed over to our home away from home in Bodega bay. Its our special tribal fest home...its nice and cool for us fair skinned canadians...especially when the thermostat goes crazy in Sebastapol. YEAHHHHH TRIBAL FEST!!!

as alwaaaaaaaays...the heart of Tribal and everything tribal.I always get so much inpspiration at Tribal Fest..and it fills your cup!! if you havn't gone...GO!!!!! what are you waiting for....GO!!!! Just go...dammit!

favorite workshop this year...Zoe's how to dance to electronic music....yaaaaaa serious lightbulb action in that workshop! yeah!! Collena...sigh...beautiful and elegant...great workshop, and I hope she can do an intensive next year nudge nudge Kajira! Favorite performance....wellllllll this year I was blown away by Les Seurs Tribales....holy moly these girls are outstanding!!! I have since taken a workshop here in Germany with them..annnnddd WOW!!!Zoe's new project really was awesome to see on the stage....always creating new inspiration. I have to say I enjoyed watching the ATS acts this year!! FatChance on Saturday and Blacksheep on Sunday...really enjoyed these performances this year, ahhhhhhh Collena....sigggghhhh again...and the lovely Rachel Brice...yeahhhhhhh Hanging with Kami, Amy,and Tjaaaaaarrrdddaaa,and her new boy, Michelle Manx , such a doll, Aubre, Cera, Nisha and Raven, Kathleen at Silk Road,And Christina at Black Lotus and meeting new friends Frank, Ela and the lovely ladies of Kamuda(dudes thai food date next year!)

annnnnndddd for serious congrats to Ginger Blue for kicking it up a notch at the fest, thanks Megs and Sally.

....seriously I could go on and on......but you should GO!!!!! really.....

well there you have it....everything else in between involves, drinks hotubbing, spending way to much money in San Fransisco...and a strange moustached watermelon drinking Jim Bean....don't know where that dude came from. All I know is I have a flask full of Jim Bean that I unknowingly smuggled into germany, and some strange, hazy pics on my camera....yeah.

(Megan stay away from Wilson, he's a bad influence)

Untill next year Tribal Fest....adieu.xo

ps- extra kudos to can be my wingman anytime xoxoox Iceman. 12 hours, new record home on the nighthawk driving to Canada yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

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