Catching up!!

12:22 AM

Holy moly!!
time sure does fly when you having fun. I just realized I havn't written a blog since June. Well really quite frankly what the hells the point in having a blog then...mmmmmm???? HA! Really blogs are just for putting down ones thoughts. Online diary writing. But have you seen some of these blogs out there??? Theres ads, flash thingeys, more ads, more bells and whistles. And theres people who write blogs about  peoples some sort of judging panel....annnnnnnnnnnndddddd people who are all wrapped up in all that crap...get free shit sent to them from people wanting them to mention or trash their product...because any advertising is good advertising.

theres even blogs to tell you how to blog to get more famous and to teach you how to network and get more people linked to you blog to create more activity and to be able to get more free shit.

well, damn. what the hell have I been doing with my life??

well honestly....clearly I'm naive about the whole damn thing. And clearly I have missed the whole damn point of blogs.

It seems like everyone can get on every avenue of the mass media engine and get there 2 cents and 15 minutes of fame, quicker and faster then ever before. The purity of the written word be damned....only write if you get paid I guess. Sad really. I used to write alot. Way way way outta practice. writing is like a muscle. Its needs exercise, just like any other artistic form. Drawing, dancing, writing...take time and patience and exercise. This is one of my small goals in southern Germany. Annnnndddd hopefully its not always just my vacation pics!!'ll still get those of all 15 followers:) Here's to writing more...and taking the time to do it...and.....not getting paid or bought off to enjoy it:) now where is my damn pen?

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