The Sound of Music

1:12 PM

Epic hike in Mittleburg Austria. Really so beautiful and really thought you could here the Sound of Music playing.
Hopefully we get to go back and hike again. this time I will bring some hiking poles. To muchy on the downhill hiking action, sore knees for Marty. Getting old sucks....but hopefully having some hiking sticks will help that situation. Just so I don't have to hobble for 2 days afterwards grimacing at every stair case I pass. Brought the kidlits they hiked like pros and still had energy to burn afterwards...awwww kids. Never a dull moment. Ever so grateful to have had the chance to see this part of the world...and I look forward to going big trip Nimes France for Tribal Umrah!! I'll leave you with some pics from our day of hiking....

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