No Human Being is Illegal

11:45 AM

no this not a happy post.

This is a pissed off post, and believe me one that I have had huge discussions with those closest to me. Arguments if you will.

In July of this year, the french government started to clear all Roma camps within France within three months of the July 29th statements from the french prime minister. Camps have been cleared, the people have been deported. Even french nationals have been deported. The reason being?? well who knows the reason seems to change everyday. One day its to stop child prostitution, the next is because these people are illegally living on french soil, it does change every day. Where the hell they have been shipped, who knows...BBC has gotten to that part yet.

Now I can spew and spew about this for quite some time. I do feel quite strongly about a whole group of people who continue to be kicked out every country they enter. A people that no country will claim. A people that are constantly called thieves, and every other bad term for human beings you can think of. But in the end people know them as gypsies, and this whole group of people have to live with this term , for better or for worse. Some people think...hell ya...kick em out....they will just rob us blind in the streets if we let them. Well aren't we all grand.

I dunno about you....but I'm pretty sure that in my family I have some immigrant blood in me. Part whatever and a little dash of this and that. Regardless if your family was on that side of the war or on the other side...alot of our families struggled for the chance to live in North America. And when they got here they struggled even more to create and transplant their lives here. Someone gave our ancestors a chance...regardless of background and religion. This journey still happens today. And no, dammit, its not the perfect story in either Canada or the US. Many bumps and setbacks have happened withing history and even todays age.

What makes me upset about this situation is the general feeling that this needs to be swept under the carpet. The EU has gotten together in Europe, and the EU had alot to say to the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. and needless to say Mr Sorkozy has gotten his feathers a wee bit ruffled. WHAT???? the rest of the EU doesn't like what we are doing??? huh?? They dare compare us to Nazi Germany....sighhhhhh....Now the issue has been swept under the carpet for a onslaught of name calling and political insults. meanwhile...people are still being deported.

Now this issue is not just uniquely a french one. I believe this has been happening to the Roma people, pretty much everywhere they go. It just so happens that France is a large European country and what they do there will get reported on BBC.

anyways if you do, take a chance to read about it.Educate yourselves....I believe the Roma people are in every country in the EU. It would be a shame to see other countries follow suit. The trouble is no country will claim them as there passports no papers...if they do get  papers, doesn't mean your able to work legally in any of these countries. France shipping people outta the country is a band aid solution. band aids fall off....its an issue that doesn't get alot of press time, cause god knows we will be attacked by the middle east at any second. but hey I digress.

The reason why this is pressing....and what BBC has not gotten that this is now happening in Italy. Just in the last couple of days in Rome, Milan and Naples.

its a slippery slope folks.

No Human Being is Illegal.

check out this vid by one of my favorite groups Gogol Bordello...

National Romani Anti-Discrimination Organization

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