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well sometimes inspirations just come knocking on the door....sometimes you gotta look for them...this time was the latter for me...

I'm always looking for inspiration whether its in art, music, dance, yoga, books. Yesterday was in art. I was just digging around and looking at Old costumes
from the 30's and checking out costume sketches...when I came across some beautiful drawings.

On further inspection and a tad of research, I discovered the fabulous world of Erte. Now I must have been living under a rock...why havn't I discovered this earlier is a mystery.(the joys of having a busy family) Its funny to discover things and truly understand them at a later date in life. Really there was recognition in the art right away...but I had no understanding of the artist. It was lovely to discover something new, and to gain inspiration from. Erte, was creating his works up until the end of his life. And many of his later creations and sculptures are very valuable. His work is mostly known for creating covers for Harper's magazine in the 30's. Each picture a feast to behold for anyone who enjoys fantasy and beautiful costume creations from this era.
If you get a chance look him up, Erte is a fascinating character and talented artist with a beautiful vision of the female form. Most of his work is in the smithsonian and the New York Museum...just another artist to put on the to do list of checking out in life:)

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