How are those resolutions doing, eh?

10:58 AM

I know!!!!

New Years Resolutions SUCK!!!!

But this year I'm working an a new slower strategy...a strategy that is forgiving and needs to meld with my everyday life. of my goals was to work on some more yoga. And I have had troubles staying consistent with my practice, but I'm trying!! One excellent resource that I LOVE!!! just the Blissology Project with Eoin Finn. This project is to get people moving in a positive upward spiral kinda way. Eoin considers himself a Blissologist....what you say??? It means when your working with his program...your not getting crazy frustrated with your lack of flexibility, but enjoying a more rounded out version of yoga practice. Food, environment, positive manifestation is all apart of this program. Plus on a personal really truly do not want to just roll your eyes everytime Eoin moves into a new pose. The practice is quite manageable and really enjoyable. REALLY. At the moment I'm working with Eoin's 6 DVD Bali Edition. Each DVD has a different routine for everyday of the week. And really its a new routine everyday,not just one long recorded dvd shoot sliced up and edited to make 6 routines that alone was worth the money:) Included are Bliss commitments and meditation exercises as well......ok now if I'm sounding like a boring PR person....I'm not....really just want to share the joy.

Living here in Southern Germany I havn't found any yoga classes that suit my being a busy mom, I need flexibility with my fitness goals. So this really just works perfectly..and hey this product is made in Canada, so you can shimmy your butt over to any Lulelemon shop to grab any of his excellent DVD series!!

check out Eoin and his Blissology project on his website... and of course facebook! Now do it:)

sooooooooooooo whats next on the list....

well I think everyone always has this on their minds, especially after christmas but yep food. Bleck I know. Yes I'm working on it as well...and its usually the time of year that I really make a conscious effort to really pay attention to what goes into my body to fuel. At the moment I'm doing a cleanse.. Ok now I'm not going get all hippy on ya....but...the pipes need some working on after the abuse of the holiday season. One of my mantras is juicing not boozing...I got that from a friend of Facebook:) I do rather enjoy my gin and tonics, and no I'm not effing pregnant, but no booze for me at the moment. Hopefully my liver will appreciate the effort! Second just for this week....I have cut the carbs..and will start adding grains back in next week. Also to give the digestive system an uber rest....NO PROTEINS for one week. I KNOWWW!! Crazy....but here we are...RAW Food Only!! ok, now stop rolling your eyes...dammit I said I was its a jump start to the system really truly. Day 2at the moment...and its going I don't have a juicer. Which sucks...but hey they are over a 100 euros here, and thats alot of dough. So hand squeezing. and blending and more hand squeezing. Really truly after all the damn effort your not very hungry anymore...yeah right. Good thing making extreme salads is my one true forte in the kitchen:) Yes this is my kitchen raw food central.....yes my husband thinks I'm crazy in case your wondering.

anyways with all that array of color and does make ya wanna eat it right??? Ok who's up for a beat and carrot juice smoothy??? anyone::::crickets:::::: now come on I make them yummy!!

next up on the listo of goals.......get my ass back into a swimsuit...and back in the pool. stay tuned.

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