Just getting around.....

5:24 PM

yep thats me...getting around....

really cool to have this opportunity to be living in Europe at the moment....taking full advantage and getting around, YEAH!!!

Europe is crazy beautiful so many really interesting places to see, people to meet, and things to do! This has been really amazing! It has giving me the chance to travel and meet fellow Bellydancers here in Europe. And there is still more travel to come!! cannot wait!

First up in October was attending and teaching at a tribal festival in the Black Forest in Offenburg!
This really gave me some time to meet some of the other tribal dancers from Germany and to see what everyone is up too! 2 shows at this festival featuring the many lovely tribal dancers here in Germany. It was the promoters first year organizing such an event...and I look forward to participating next year!
Next...November fly over to Amsterdam to catch up with my good friend Tjarda for her Beyond Bellydance event starring the Lady Fred, Les Souers Tribales and the fabulous Daniela from Florida! Such a great event and really I could go on and on...but I wrote an article for the online magazine, Hagalla..and will post when that comes out! The dancers in Holland and Belgium really impressed me...such innovation and creativity! I very much look forward to returning in March for a repeat with Ariellah and Shakra.

sooooooo December crept up really so fast...and it gave me the chance to travel to the beautiful city of Budapest! I arrived on a snowy day...which just gave the city such a beautiful aura. I met some great new friends! Nuria form Valencia Spain, Eliran from Israel, finally got to meet the Nakari girls from Vienna...roomed with the awesome Rustiqua girls from Slovenia not to mention the fabulous host Judit! Such a great weekend...and I do hope to return again to explore this amazing city some more!

December brings a huge hustle and bustle...but it was really nice to spend the holiday season with family from Canada, and really exploring all the Christmas Night markets...and enjoying all the season has to offer. With family we journeyed to Prague after Christmas and spent a couple of days exploring this historical city. One cannot have christmas without snow...and there was plenty of it in Germany! A short trip to the alps gave us a splendid day with terrific views all around. What a beautiful place I live close too!!
whew...almost done...

January always brings New Years resolutions and a new year to look forward too....

sooooo what better way to start off the New year with a trip to Paris, France! I had the chance to perform in the Bellyfusions festival, and I thought I would take this chance to have a family trip to Paris. Usually when I go to an event...I'm busy with workshops and shows the whole time....But this time around I decided it would be nice to have some family time instead...and spent alot of time exploring the city. Paris is a beautiful city....but I must admit...CHILLY!!! But the whole family got into it...climbed the Eiffel Tower...walked the Champs....The Sacre Coeurs...croissants, baguettes...the whole french experience!

What a great start to 2011!

This year will bring many more journeys...California, Amsterdam, England, Vancouver,Hanover, Barcelona, the Croatian Coast, Valencia, Switzerland, and I'm sure a couple more stops along the way.

Its nice to be having these experiences in my life at this moment.....its nice to take the time to enjoy it:)

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