Tribal Umrah In Barcelona

11:17 PM

Holy moly what an event!!

such a great week, just so many great moments! Huge Huge congrats to the organisers for such a successful week. Everyone I talked to was so happy!

also such a lovely week with my co teachers at Umrah! Much fun and many giggles were to be had! And it was really awesome to be in such a supportive environment for Tribal Bellydance!

The students were kick ass hard core!! I cannot believe how many workshops some of these gals were taking....and were still standing and smiling by the end of the week!

Thank you ,thank you, thank you to Eva,Frankie,Noemi , DJYENEEEEEEEEE:)...and the entire amazing crew of The Tribal Umrah Barcelona staff!!

just a sneak peak at some pics!!!


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