fetish??? maybe.

9:47 PM

Well not everything has to be about bellydance right???? I do have other interests. I know shocking. Recently I discovered that mayhaps other folks might have the same interests...... Now my mom is gonna crack up when she reads this. But its true. I love looking at trailers. Now don't get me wrong I love my tent...in fact my hubby and I just bought a new super duper coolio tent....again. Those that know us, know we love our tents. But trailers hold a special place in my heart.

When I was a kid, my grammy bought a trailer and parked it out in Southern Manitoba, in a small place called Killarney. Every summer my folks would truck 3 kids 3 hours in the dead heat of summer to our trailer oasis, by a lake. We would spend the whole summer there....just running wild. And the centre of it all was the trailer. Mini fridge, fold up couches,and matching yellow upholstery to boot. Late night campfire with fuzzy navels drinks was an added extra bonus:)

Now mix up those good times, with a little mix of a prairie girl by birth and throw in a dash of someone who currently makes their living being a bellydancer which requires many road trips to bellydance events around the world....and voila presto..... a serious rubber necker of trailers has been created.

Now now...don't get worried......I'm not really all that concerned about those giant beasts of trailers that look like you could hide 50 immigrant children comfortably hidden in every hidden compartment of a 50 footer. No nooooooooooooo......I'm very interested in the cute and retro side of trailers. of course silly.

Now I'm gonna say it......when I grow up and finally settle down. I really am gonna get my own cute trailer to make up and call home...or maybe my home office....we'll see. But for now. I will keep collecting and taking pictures and keep them in a trailer picture folder, and trying to figure how to get my hubby on board with my crazy ideas.
yes I really do have a trailer picture folder.

and mom....if you have a picture of our trailer....send it sometime will ya?


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