Being Invicible has its Drawbacks

4:42 PM

A back flip off of a trampoline, does have it drawbacks. I spent most of my day hanging out in the emergency room. Yes he broke his arm....hairline fracture straight across the radius lengthwise.

Now, some of you may know this....but I have slight accident prone tendencies. I personally have logged many many hours in hospital waiting rooms. I was also a bit of a trouble maker, all these truths were to the great dismay of my mother. She always wanted me to have a girl, to feel some type of pay back to her many hours of grief.......that didn't happen. But I have been blessed with a daredevil son.....and I have a feeling that this might just be the beginning.

he looks kinda cute just sleeping there......

oh and double whammee, hubby is in China on a business trip.

yes I can hear my mother chuckling from here.


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