Club Bellydance

8:42 PM

The Latest installment of the BDSS hit Vancouver, Club Bellydance at the Orpheum last Sunday. The Stars of BDSS included  Sabah, Moria, Sabrina Fox, Stefanya and Victoria.

But the exciting part of the evening was that local dancers were also included in the show to showcase what they got as well.

Cool concept that brings the BDSS to a smaller stage and more intimate settings....but also includes the dancers from their local scene.

Ok so who were the local dancers from Vancouver???

Vancouver was represented well with some of my favorite dancers and friends around......Ala Nar, Floreo, Sisters of Alchemy, Belly Belly Hip, Luciterra, Ginger Blue, Sabeya and Johara

ok check it,  

first up, we have Canada's very first ATS troupe, The lovely ladies of Belly Belly Hip. I love watching this local ATS troupe.....they really have developed so much over the last couple years!

next up we have a a great tribal fusion troupe, that has taken Vancouver by storm with their unique fast paced choreographies. featuring the talents of Gillian Cofsky, Laura Albert and Naomi Gallagher.

they did 2 performances that evening, a duet and trio

crazy fabulous right??

Ok , for something a little bit more juicy juicy and Egyptian.....these ladies have always been a personal favorite of mine, and good friends, the lovely Ala Nar

awwwwwwwww so pretty!!!!

Bringing it up a notch with sassy line formations and some Raks Asaya....Sabeya and the beautiful ladies of Johara....

sooooooo fun right????

Always a Vancouver favorite with their innovative performances..

Lava and The Sisters of Alchemy

 Rocking out to a very awesome sword piece, in such a smooth and seamless one of my favorite tunes, its the gorgeous trio Floreo.

Goodness I love watching group sword pieces, and Floreo really delivered that one!
It makes you wanna go practice using your sword more!

Last but really not least, cause I get to toot my own horn a wee bit, with my lovely troupe members keeping it alive and well in Vancouver...and not to mention always making me proud,
Megan Blackford and Sally Myrfield of
Ginger Blue

These are the times I miss Vancouver so much, and all the amazing dancers that are within that community!!
Great job ladies....just amazing and huge congrats!!


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