I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack

8:55 PM

Holy moly I'm back from Croatia...what a whirlwind vacation. Seriously so many highlights, so many pics....so now I get to blog about it all....but tomorrow. Ha!! Got in really really really late last night, traffic is a serious issue in Europe during holiday times....so hubby and I decided to make the late night cruise to get us home. Which meant today was a clean up day. Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacation!

Croatia is crazy beautiful, so many pictures to edit. Plus I danced at an amazing bellydance festival in Split, Croatia. So I'm gonna be a busy bee this week editing pics! But of course, the most pressing issue.....my mug collection update. Yes, much debate was had over which mug to add to our new collection....and now the reveal....

ta daaaaa.....

 I can feel your awe.yes I can:)

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