postcards from the edge

9:21 PM

Ok, so postcards from my edge. So I like to write postcards. You might have received a postcard from me recently. Why postcards. Well there is something attractive about not committing to an envelope. Something sublime about getting your thoughts down, in a brief synopsis. And always something beautiful about actually writing.
Imma a busy, dog, husband, dance, art, projects, costume making...blah blah, endless list right?? Just like every other mom I know:) 

Ok now check this.....take your quirky postcards, from random findings.
Do not go out an specifically collect your postcards....because then, this will not happen. Just randomly collect cards, on your day to day travels. Really it doesn't matter what they look like. Ok now....heres the hard part. Sit in a cafe, or your local handy dandy Starshmucks...and write someone. Drink your coffee....and write anyone. 
Ok whatever, don't write draw a goofy picture if you need to.....but most important....enjoy your coffee out in public. In the presence of other adults...and be a normal gal without your kids....and did I mention, Enjoy your coffee. I swear to you, its a mini bliss therapy.

You don't need to write 5 postcards....1 postcard...

now here's the cool part...don't date it. This way it leaves you the option of sending it. Or sending it whenever.

The most important part is getting out of your mommy mode or your everyday life somewhere in public, and totally have a moment for yourself. Now you don't have to write a postcard. Its what I like to do....but hey, read a magazine. Draw in your sketchbook. Write down your photo journal ideas....whatever.

Just treat can do it. yes you have time. make time. I know you gotta get groceries.....but do it for your sanity.........

I'm just sayin......sanity.



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