Secret Armchair Expert Tuesday!

9:51 AM


havn't blogged in a couple of days, such a busy weekend! more on that later....

Today is Armchair Expert Tuesday....this is where I take a Tribal or Tribal Fusion video off of youtube, and give it my armchair expert....which is always a glowing report:)))
read this if you need more explanation:)))

Ok so this week's selection comes from Russia...and it features the lovely ladies of the Russian Tribal Mafia. I have heard about these gals here in Europe, and I do hope to meet them sometime soon!

The video features the troupe performing ATS with a live band, (sorry don't know the name:) But what impressed me so much about this video, is the music video quality of the video. I love seeing the band, the audience and the dancers all featured at once. It really gives a great feel as to what a live performance feels like, without taking away from the performance aspect of the video!

And hey, the lovely ladies of The Russian Tribal Mafia are performing so beautifully!....

so enjoy!

to learn more about the ladies of The Russian Tribal Mafia...check them out here....




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