Secret Feature Friday

9:37 PM

Yeah! a bit late today I know was so nice to spend my day outside enjoying the sunshine. Catching the last few warm days of summer!

Ok this weeks secret feature is going to be an event that I havn't attended yet, but very much looking forward to.....
Its the Valencia Tribal Festival, held in beautiful Valencia, Spain.

This years edition will be held October 28 to November 1st, 2011, and is hosted by the University of Valencia.

Its a jammed pack week that is filled with workshops and performances. The lovely lady that is behind this festival is the beautiful and most talented Nuria Gallego.

VLC Tribal Fest is featuring the international teaching talents of,
Mira Betz (EEUU) Unmata (EEUU) Olivia Kissel (EE.UU) Tjarda & The Uzumé (Holanda) Martina Crowe (Canada) Nuria Gallego (Valencia) Lilibeth (Italia) Judit Viràg (Hungría) Rustiqua (Eslovaquia) Medjai (Valencia) Makosh Corp. (Barcelona) Eliran (Israel) Idhun (Valencia) Doriana Rossi (Italia/Vlc)

an exciting roster of instructors all in one place!

Not to mention not one but two shows!! This year will feature a themed tribal bellydance show called "Alice in Tribal land". This show will showcase all the teachers to perform one of the main characters in this well loved classic tale.

I'm not gonna give away any your just gonna have to guess who will be who. Or hey...better idea....... COME!!

If you need more convincing check out last years festival.....

for more info, be sure to check out the website at......


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