Split Tribal Fest

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 Sam, Suncica, and Natasha
This past August I had the amazing opportunity to attend a great festival called Split Tribal Fest in Split, Croatia.

First off!! who could resist going?? Split, is a beautiful historic city with many sites to see right on the Adriatic Ocean. So pretty!. Second, who could resist?!? The festival was hosting some really great teachers, and 3 evening shows with the amazing backdrop of a beautiful castle as the stage.

Attendees were treated to some pretty amazing workshops, featuring Elizabeth Strong, Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli, Frederique, April Rose, Croatian Teachers and promoters Suncica and Natasha and yours truly. Despite the incredible heat, students had a full roster of workshops to attend!

workshop venue
workshoping with Martina

The festival was jammed packed with activities, an opening party, 3 nights of shows and a after party. People were kept very busy!!

But the highlight for me was getting the chance to see the shows in Split! The backdrop was just to amazing! The stage was an open air theatre set into a historic castle, right in the middle of Split. Very beautiful! The special part of the shows is that they are free for people to come and watch, so its a great chance for dancers to perform in front of a non-bellydance audience. Plus a great way for people to see what tribal fusion is all about. ok i'll stop raving check out some pics....

Elizabeth Strong
Manca Pavli
Samantha Emanuel
April Rose
 The Uzume
On a personal level,  its an amazing experience just to be apart of it all. I get to meet loads of new people catch up with old friends....and really just talk shop with other dancers and artists with what their new projects are. Its always so inspiring!! How could you not get inspired!!! As always, many many thanks to the organizers for having me at their festival! I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics with some of my favorite folks.......
 Frederique and Tjarda
Myself and The Lady Fred
with the talented Alexis Southall
Samantha, Elizabeth and Manca
Martina and Suncica
and yes , I do love Croatia.

for more info about Split Tribal Fest check out this link here:)

my boys taking in a show:)

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