Susans Bits

4:33 PM

well her costume bits anyways.........

My friend Susan Frankovich was wanting to create a new belt for herself, but wanting to make use of some pieces from her fabulous collection. After some skype calls, and pictures back and forth.....I feel like I have a good grasp of what she is looking for.

I had the chance to meet up with her in Croatia, to hammer out more details, and to get these beautiful pieces for me to start on this cool project.

Susan really liked the beading technique that I have been doing with old Miao I'm going to be adding that detailing as well. She also settled on the color steel grey for the base of the belt. Its a nice option to black and gives you alot of versatility to match up with your costume pieces.

She also has me using these really cool vintage glass chandelier beads, so pretty right?

Ok I'm gonna get going on this project soon....I'll be sure to post updates on my progress, so you can check out how to make your own belt from start to finish.

now where did I put my thimble???


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