Todays Closet Find

5:10 PM

Ok soooooooo I come home from vacation....and its over. Summer that is??? Driving a couple of countries in Europe has said goodbye sweet summer, and hello fall.

so my swimsuit collection has been put away(tear). And went digging through the closet to find every girls old faithful, tights. But bleeeeeeeeeeeh, tights. What to do with tights.

Well, looky here what did I find(yes I'm talking to myself now) One forgets the things hidden away in ones

A couple of years ago the fabulous shop in San Fransisco, Five and Diamond,
brought out these cool skirt ruffle belt creation thingies. Everybody went nuts for them. I remember a couple of summers ago at Tribal Fest every tribal dancer was walking around with some type of version of this belt.

So now what??? I found the thing under a pile of costume goodies in the back of my closet.
I started to mess around a bit and paired it up with some good ole fav black mini skirt from Synergy Sisters,and discovered it looked quite cute on backwards! voila!

See, I can have my sparkles and wear them too:)))


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