Secret Eat n Treats- Sweet Potato Bake

11:09 PM

Now now, don't be surprised. But I do actually cook every once and awhile. None of these "recipes" have any type of Martha Stewart qualities about them. I'm really not prepared to hunt down ingredients that no one has ever heard of on a sunday farmers market. Mostly my skills comes from looking in my fridge and tossing it all together. I really don't measure.....anything.....nothing..... no really. 

So yes that's right, I don't bake. Because that would require reading a recipe and following instructions on measuring. Also another quirk....I really won't touch raw meat.ever.
I can hear my close friends laughing. 
They have witnessed me cutting entire raw chickens with a knife and fork.
Anywho, this is kinda like a first date testimonial...laying out the cards so to speak.

Ok soooooooo....if your like me. And your busy, which we all have already hung your head in your fridge hoping dinner will make itself.
It won't by the way.
Grab your ingredients.....and  lezzzz get started on
:::::Dun Dun Dahhhh:::::
Sweet Potato Bake.
don't worry I heard the oohhs and awws.
Pretty much you can make this with any type of veg you I chose to keep it simple with mushrooms, onions, garlic, red pepper, and sweet potatoes.
I'm really just gonna assume you know how to cut you veggies...

ohh exciting.
grab all the rest of your ingredients...
brown sugar
salt and pepper
honey or if your Canadian, maple syrop.
herbs in a jar (that's the fancy part)
olive oil

Jamie Oliver lookout.
ok get that all in the oven.....this is when your kids stop by the kitchen and ask you whats for dinner.
Tell them to get out of your kitchen.

and make yourself a drink.
you deserve it. really!!

sorry, where were we???
oh right.

ta daaaaa.
come on...not to shabby! And it was pretty yummy and super easy to whip up:)
and bonus points for using maple syrop.
ok now where's my g n' t?


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