Secret Feature-Luciterra

11:54 PM

If your from the Vancouver already know about these gals. They are the very popular Luciterra!!

Luciterra hit the Vancouver scene a couple of years back, and really they havn't stopped making waves. High energy, talented, and super nice gals!

The members of Luciterra include Naomi Joy, Amber, Laura and Gillian. Each lady with their own talents, that add uniquely to what the troupe Luciterra is all about.

They have danced in many events in Vancouver...and abroad. Luciterra also keeps busy hosting their own events, as well as co-creating their own show with performing artist Chris Murdoch called The Decadent Eccentric.

ok heres some vids...check it...

Ok of course they teach classes!!
you can find all that info here at their website....

and el facebook,


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