Arm Chair Expert Tuesday-Eliran

12:09 PM

This weeks Armchair expert Tuesday is posting about tribal Drum Solo's.....

A tricky subject.... its quite difficult to keep the look of tribal during a drum solo. The elements in drum solo music, can turn a very calm dancer into a wild arm waving trying to keep up with the drumssss kinda dancer. I tend to fall into this category myself....I always loose my cool.

Recently I had the chance to take a workshop with Eliran from Israel, in Valencia Spain. I havn't done a drum solo workshop in a long while! Drum solo's tend not to be my favorite thing to be I wanted to give his workshop a try.

First thing.....yeah... I suck at drum solo's.

Second, I clearly need more practice at this type of skill! Eliran's workshop had many difficult layers, hits and locks that require alot of focus and skill to achieve a great drum solo. It was really nice to check out his workshop and get a good feeling for his style and I admire his ability to stay calm and cool during a drum solo.

Ok check it out!!

Eliran performs drum solo with Sadie....

And here he is performing a great solo, ending with the drum solo he taught in his workshop in Valencia.....yeah.... still can't do those side locks!!!

Be sure to check out his website here,


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