Scavenger Hunt and Photo Swapping

1:22 PM

Darn it I missed last weeks challenge...but no problem I'm here for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Challenge.....

Ok this weeks challenges are.....

2. Purple
3. Disguise
4. Shapes
5. Photographers choice.

So last week I was in Valencia, I had the chance to grab some shots from this beautiful city!!!


Ok I know a silly shot....that I didn't take....but hey.... making food with good friends is always fun. I'm wearing sunglasses because I was cutting onions.

2. Purple
I managed to get some great purple light on this beautiful dancer in traditional Indian dress.

3 Disguise
my friends Amy and Kari made up as the Red Queens in a Alice Triballand dance show.

4. Shapes

found this beautiful iron awning in Valencia.

5. Photographers choice
I can't decide!!!
 view from our apartments

glass of wine with Tapas.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

ok next weeks topics....
  1. Before and After (processed image)
  2. Opposing Lines 
  3. Custom Bokeh
  4. Which pair of shoes should I wear? 
  5. Little Features (little hands, little feet, etc  

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