The Sketchbook Project-Limited Edition

10:40 AM

Sooooooooooo I found this really cool artists project called the The Sketch Book Project.....

The idea is you sign up, they send you a sketch pad, you fill that sketch pad with your creations...send it back...and then it goes on display at The Brooklyn Art Library.... yeah I signed up.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....what have I done?

well, I don't really consider myself an artist in any way.....more a dabbler in all things general....I never went to art school. Its the one biggest regret of my life. I'm interested in textile arts and media mix I dabble with no focus at all.

I want to do this to push such a really cool public art display. I really want to go here and check out this display. But heyyyyyyy it goes on tour too!!

I think this is a really cool community art project that involves people from around the globe....

I'm super excited!!!

check it out....this video explains what the project is all about....

other awesome artists and their very cool sketch books....

YEAH!!!!! so this is my way of getting and being inspired for 2012.....I know I'm slow off the hop for what my goals are for 2012...but there ya gotta start some place:)))

Be sure to check out the awesome blog for the Sketchbook project HERE!!

and I'll post how I'm doing with it ok????


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